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District: Calexico Unified School District
Position/Title: Superintendent
Salary: Competitive and negotiable
Closing Date: Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Position

The governing board of the Calexico Unified School District seeks a successful, experienced leader to serve as its next superintendent. Individuals with demonstrated experience in building strong teams that improve student achievement and work effectively with all stakeholders to achieve the goals of the district are invited to apply. The ideal candidate will have had a variety of educational experiences at many levels and is willing to become part of the community in order to achieve commitment from community members.

The Board of Education is interested in offering a multi-year contract to the successful candidate and hopes to develop a long-term relationship as an effective governance team.

The board expects the new leader to have successful experiences working with an ethnically and economically diverse population and possess the ability to build respectful, trusting relationships throughout the organization.

The Community

The city of Calexico, California, is situated in Imperial County and is a port of entry on the United States-Mexico border. It is located approximately 120 miles from San Diego, 50 miles west of the Arizona border and 90 miles south of Palm Springs. It has a population of 28,000 residents, 95% of whom are of Hispanic descent. Calexico's sister city, Mexicali, is the state capitol of Baja California, Mexico, and has a population that exceeds one million. There is a tightly woven economic and cultural interdependency between Calexico and Mexicali that results in a constant flow of workers, tourists, and residents crossing the border every day.

The climate is dry and healthful. The winter climate is the most pleasant to be found anywhere and the warm summer days are tempered by the fact that the vast majority of homes and businesses are air-conditioned.

The District

Calexico Unified School District is made up of over 9,000 kindergarten through 12th grade students. The district has one comprehensive high school, an alternative high school, two junior high/middle schools, and six elementary schools. The district also offers programs at an adult learning center. Approximately 500 certificated personnel and 400 classified staff are employed by the district. Over 90% of the student body is of Mexican descent, resulting in a culturally and linguistically rich working environment. Approximately 75% of the graduates go on to some form of post secondary education with many of them pursuing careers in education. Within the school district is the Imperial Valley Campus of San Diego State University.

Calexico's schools are rapidly approaching 21st century standards in the area of technology. Virtually every classroom from kindergarten to 12th grade is equipped with computers for teachers as well as for student use. The student to teacher computer ratio in the district remains below the state average.


We are committed to increase student achievement through a purposeful and effective instructional program that engages all students in academically rigorous learning. All staff will be supported in the development of knowledge and skills to enhance professional practices that lead to the academic achievement of our students. Parents, community, and staff will work collaboratively to support students in achieving their personal, social, and career goals.


"We must have one single driving priority: The academic achievement of our students."


We will create academic pathways and a supportive environment that empowers our students to realize their potential and dreams.

Core Beliefs

We believe that:

  • Students are our priority.
  • All students can learn and succeed.
  • Respecting students' language and culture leads to confident learners.
  • Effective teaching makes the difference.
  • Leadership and accountability are the keys to our success.
  • Active and informed parents and community will contribute to our success.
  • Technologically literate students are better prepared to compete and succeed in a global society.
  • An environment that promotes student well-being will produce "healthy kids" (i.e., social,
  • emotional, and physical).

Academic Goals

  • Increase the academic achievement of all students.
  • Increase the English language proficiency of English Language Learners.
  • Increase graduation rates.
  • Increase the passing rate of students taking the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) in both language arts and math.
  • Meet or surpass the Academic Performance Index (API) goals at each school site.
  • Meet or surpass Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) goals for each school site.
  • Increase the number of students who are prepared for post-secondary options (i.e., college, university, vocational, etc.).
  • Increase student attendance at all schools.
  • Decrease suspension and expulsion rates.
  • Increase the level of student and staff proficiency in the area of technology.

Selection Criteria

The following criteria represent standards to be used in the evaluation of applications and in the selection of the superintendent.

Professional Experience and Preparation

  • Classroom teaching and site level leadership experience is highly desirable
  • District level experience is required
  • Bilingual skills are desirable
  • Masters degree is required
  • California Teaching and Administrative Credential required or must be eligible for California certification

Personal Characteristics

  • Is respectful of differing opinions
  • Has a visible and active style that promotes accessibility and availability
  • Demonstrates a strong sense of ethics, including honesty and fairness
  • Has a collaborative, inclusive leadership style and involves stakeholders in decision-making
  • Develops trust and respect throughout the organization
  • Is an individual who follows through and is a "doer"
  • Demonstrates an appreciation for learning by being a lifelong learner
  • Sees diversity as a strength
  • Has the courage to do what is right for kids
  • Is a strong leader with a good sense of humor

Professional Skills and Abilities

  • Is a leader with a record of openness and transparency
  • Works well with board members individually and collectively; understands how an effective governance team works and provides direction and support to all members
  • Has been involved in or led a district in developing short- and long-term goals (strategic planning)
  • Has a strong background in finance and is resourceful
  • Has had successful experiences working with a diverse population
  • Holds people accountable yet recognizes and celebrates success and excellence
  • Has the ability to effectively communicate with all stakeholders, both written and oral, yet is a good listener. Bilingual skills are desirable
  • Has the ability to make tough decisions in the best interests of students
  • Understands the dynamics and politics of a border community
  • Has a clear vision for the future of the district and can articulate that vision

Application Procedures

All applications will be held strictly confidential. Each applicant is requested to follow the procedures listed below. Those applicants wishing additional information should contact the board adviser:

Barry E. Reed at 916-212-9905.

Applications must be submitted on-line to:


Calexico Unified School District

c/o Barry E. Reed

Dave Long and Associates, Executive Search Services

29991 Canyon Hills Road

Suite 1709, PMB 414

Lake Elsinore, CA 92532-2579

All applicants must provide the following items by the closing date, July 1, 2009 (5:00 p.m.), to be considered:

  • A completed Application Information Form. (Please complete as instructed; do not complete by stating "see attached resume".) The Application Information Form and brochure may be downloaded via Dave Long and Associates' web page at DLAssoc.com
  • A personal letter of application stating reasons for interest in the Calexico Unified School District superintendent position
  • A resume providing biographical background information about educational preparation, experience and achievements
  • A placement file and/or five (5) current letters of professional references describing the applicant's performance in previously held positions
  • A photocopy of academic degrees and administrative credential(s)

It is the applicant's responsibility to arrange to have placement papers or reference letters forwarded in time to meet the Wednesday, July 1, 2009 (5:00 p.m.) deadline.

Selection Procedure

A professional screening committee will evaluate the qualifications of each applicant. The board and the screening committee will use the described criteria during the screening, interviewing, and final decision-making process. After receiving and studying the report of the screening committee, the board will select and interview the top candidates.

The board will select candidates for the final interviews. The Superintendent Selection Advisory Committee (SSAC) will interview the final candidates and report perceived strengths and weaknesses to the board. The board will then conduct final interviews and select the superintendent. Any applicant who contacts a board member with the intent of influencing the board's decision will be disqualified. Travel expenses for those candidates selected for the initial interview will be the responsibility of the candidate.

Salary and Contract Terms

The Calexico Unified School District Board of Education will offer a salary that is competitive and negotiable plus fringe benefits to the successful candidate, based on that individual's experience and qualifications. The board intends to offer a multi-year contract.

If you are offered the position, you will be asked to provide the district with certified transcripts that verify your academic degrees and proof of your administrative credential(s).

It is the candidate's responsibility to provide the district with employment eligibility and verification of citizenship in compliance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act.

Board of Trustees

Term Expires
Salvador Pacheco, President 2010
Michael Castillo, Vice President 2010
Ruben De La Rosa, Clerk 2012
Gloria Romo, Member 2012
Richard Cordero, Jr., Member 2010

Applications Close

Wednesday, July 1, 2009 (5:00 p.m.)