Position Details
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District: Tehachapi Unified School District
Position/Title: Superintendent
Salary: Competitive and negotiable
Closing Date: Friday, February 15, 2019

The Tehachapi Unified School District’s mission, in partnership with students, staff, families and the community, is to provide comprehensive and challenging standards-based instruction and guidance that gives all students the knowledge, skills, and character to be successful, contributing, and positive citizens.

The Position

The Board of Trustees of the Tehachapi Unified School District is seeking a superintendent with strong school district and community leadership skills who is committed to academic excellence for all students. The ideal candidate will be someone who has a history of excellent leadership with exceptional communications skills and who can work with the Board to create a future vision and then enlist all segments of the District community in creating the future and creatively addressing problems. Demonstrated experience in employee relations and building of a positive collaborative and forward-thinking culture are essential. The successful candidate must be committed to the belief that along with the Board, they will collaboratively lead the District into an exceptional future.

The Community & District History

The beautiful Tehachapi Valley is an oasis located in the mountains between the San Joaquin Valley and the Mojave Desert, offering a cool haven from the arid desert heat and the sprawling lowlands of the valley. Featuring sparkling blue skies that turn into star filled nights with unending depth, the beauty of Tehachapi is seen in every setting. The diversity of the area offers something for everyone: small town neighborhoods, mountains filled with oak and pine trees sheltering the most rustic to the most luxurious homes, sprawling ranches and everything in between, all beautifully displayed in the splendor of four wonderfully distinct seasons.

The building of Highways 58 and 14 placed Tehachapi within a one-hour commute of Bakersfield, Lancaster and Edwards Air Force Base. Because of a favorable climate, many working in these other areas wished to live near Tehachapi. This led to the development of the nearby communities of Golden Hills, Bear Valley Springs, Stallion Springs and Sand Canyon. Today, when one says Greater Tehachapi, it includes all these additional communities and many more county residents as well.

The Tehachapi Unified School District encompasses an area of 522 square miles and offers an excellent and diverse educational program to students living within the area. Student enrollment is approximately 4,300 students in Kindergarten through the 12th grade.

The district operates three elementary schools, one middle school, an alternative education school and one comprehensive high school. Tehachapi is well known for their diverse and excellent academic and athletic programs. In 1999, the community passed a $24 million bond to construct a new state-of-the-art high school, which opened in August 2003. In addition, the new Cummings Valley Elementary was built and opened in 2001. The commitment by the board of education, the administration, the teachers and the community ensure that the Tehachapi graduate will be technologically ready for the academic and business world of tomorrow.

Selection Criteria

The following criteria represent standards to be used in the evaluation of applicants and in the selection of the superintendent:

Professional Experience and Preparation

  • Appropriate administrative credentials and academic training to meet the demands of the position
  • Master’s Degree required
  • Classroom teaching experience required
  • Current or recent experience serving in an administrative position as a superintendent, district office administrator or a site principal

Personal Characteristics

  • Maintains excellent interpersonal relations
  • Has high integrity and is honest, consistent, and fair
  • Will learn and embrace the community and district including its history, culture and needs
  • A visionary leader who is respectful, open, approachable, accessible, inclusive, possesses exceptional empathetic listening skills and can effectively communicate
  • Has a history of being an active participant in the life of the community
  • An energetic inspiring, motivational person
  • Ethical, forthright and trustworthy in dealings with Board, staff and community
  • Positive and confident in their leadership abilities
  • Able to build and maintain a climate of trust and respect among all stakeholders and the district
  • Possesses patience and a sense of humor
  • An innovative leader who can stimulate fresh ideas and carry out the district’s vision
  • A consensus builder capable of building an atmosphere of teamwork and engaging thoughtful and meaningful involvement of all stakeholders
  • Courageous, willing to deal with difficult situations, publicly take a stand on recommendations, articulate the reasons for decisions and do the right thing for all students

Professional Skills and Abilities

  • Keeps students as the central focus of decision making and has a clear vision that maintains a focus on improving student performance
  • Has demonstrated ability to manage the district’s finances, facilities, and resources in a responsible and transparent manner
  • Able to maintain high standards of student academic achievement and behavior
  • A strong instructional leader who knows Common Core Standards, instruction, current research, reform efforts, and best practices
  • Will promote improvements and integrative practices in special education programs
  • Possesses collective bargaining knowledge and negotiation skills
  • Has experience with LCAP requirements and timelines
  • Values and supports courageous conversations across the district
  • Has successful experience in building and maintaining positive relationships and trust with employees and their associations
  • Works effectively and efficiently to implement Board actions, foster a common vision and commitment, and maintain a strong governance team model and establish strong superintendent/Board relations
  • Works openly with the Board to ensure that its members receive all relevant information in a timely manner, including advice and recommendations necessary to make informed decisions
  • Effectively and timely communicates with the Board on all aspects of the District
  • Successfully pursues and develops close relationships with public agencies and community partnerships to provide additional resources and programs to the district

Application Procedures

All applications will be held strictly confidential. Each applicant is required to follow the procedures listed below. Those applicants wishing additional information should contact the Board advisor, Juan M. Lopez, at 951-662-2468.

All applicants must provide the following items by the closing date of February 15, 2019, by 5:00 PM to be considered:

  • A completed Application Information Form. (Please complete as instructed; do not complete by stating “See attached resume”. The Application Information Form and brochure may be downloaded via Dave Long & Associates web page at DLAssoc.com
  • A personal letter of application stating reasons for interest in the Tehachapi Unified School District superintendent position.
  • A resume providing biographical background information about educational preparation, experience and achievements.
  • A placement file and/or five (5) current letters of professional references describing the applicant’s performance in previously held positions.

    It is the applicant’s responsibility to arrange to have all of the above items submitted online to the DLAssoc.com website not later than 5:00 PM, on February 15, 2019.

    Selection Procedure

    A professional screening committee will evaluate the qualifications of each applicant. The Board and the screening committee will use the described criteria during the screening, interviewing, and final decision-making process. After receiving and studying the report of the professional screeners, the Board will select and interview a select number of top candidates.

    The Board will select candidates for the final interviews, conduct the interviews and select a finalist. Any applicant who contacts a Board Member with the intent of influencing the Board’s decision will be disqualified. Travel expenses for those candidates selected for the initial interview will be the responsibility of the candidate.

    Salary and Contract Terms

    The Tehachapi Unified School District Board of Education will offer a competitive and negotiable salary, plus fringe benefits, to the successful candidate, based on the individual’s experience and qualifications. The Board intends to offer a multi-year contract.

    It is the candidate’s responsibility to provide the District with employment eligibility and verification of citizenship in compliance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act.

    Application Timeline

    February 15, 2019 (5:00 p.m.)